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【Service Use Agreement】

■Article 1. Rights and Prohibitions

  1. Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd. (“Bando”) hereby provides the system user (“Customer”), free of charge and without warranty, the right to use the belt design calculation program (“Design Program”) and the computer-aided design data (“Data”) provided, however all copyrights related thereto are reserved by Bando.
  2. All rights to the Design Program and Data are reserved by Bando. Other than use in accordance with the provisions in this Service Use Agreement, the Customer is prohibited from direct or indirect replication, public disclosure or private disclosure to any third party, leasing, modifying, transmitting and/or distributing the Design Program and Data without permission from Bando. The Design Program and Data are provided without warranty of any kind, and Bando is not liable for any compensation to Customer for the use thereof, or for changes or modifications made by the Customer, even in the event of defect or damage.

■Article 2. Specification Changes
Design Program and Data specifications are subject to change without notice. Customers are responsible for ensuring that their own version is up-to-date.

■Article 3. Warranty

  1. Bando pays close attention to the content of its website, but makes no warranty of any kind with regard to the accuracy, safety, comprehensiveness, adaptability to use conditions or utility of the content, information or various services provided therein.
  2. Bando makes no warranty of any kind with regard to the print application software in the Design Program and Data, even under normal operating conditions.

■Article 4. Disclaimer

  1. Bando takes absolutely no responsibility for any loss incurred by the Customer arising from the use of the Design Program and Data.
  2. In the event that any part of this Service Use Agreement becomes legally invalid, the remaining provisions remain in effect.

Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.
July 21, 2009