Sunline Belt Selection Site

Selection Site
  • Sunline conveyor belt is made of light and soft resin for the lightweighted material. Easy to operate, clean, and space saving.
  • Launched in 1973 as the first domestic resin belt, our belts were widely accepted both domestic and global market.
  • Adding various application to the belt will have multifunctional functions besides simply conveying.
  • We offer the optimal belt for the application you request.

F Series: Unpacked food

  • Passed the various standard, the belt can block the foreign object, prevent Bactria or mold, reduce the loss by stickiness and reduce clean work.


  • 欧州PIM、日本厚生省告示370号に適合し、米国FDA177.2600の抽出試験に合格しております。

M series: Logistics, General purpose

  • The belt can apply home delivery parcel, baggage, newspaper, fiber, plywood and so on.

S series: Special purpose, Customized

  • The belt can apply for heat resistance, smooth conveyance with material's sliding, oil resistance, anti static, penetration prevention, protection for goods.